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Klimanjaro – Climate Neutral Supply Chain

We believe that companies have a social responsibility beyond maximizing shareholder returns. In Fjordkraft we use our purchasing power to inspire all our suppliers to be climate neutral by 2019.

Fjordkraft, the second largest electricity retailer in Norway, has been climate neutral since 2007. But as climate change is speeding up, our response needs to be even faster.

Therefore we now require all our suppliers to become climate neutral; making use of the three steps of the Climate Neutral Now initiative of the United Nations Climate Change secretariat. These are to:

  • Measure the climate footprint
  • Reduce emissions as much as possible
  • Offset what cannot be reduced with UN-certified emission reductions

Our suppliers have to sign a declaration of intent, in which they commit to become climate neutral within the 1st of January 2019.  If they do not sign, we will use our market power and look for suppliers elsewhere.

Why Klimanjaro?

We have named the initiative Klimanjaro combining «klima», the Norwegian word for climate, with the name of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Kilimanjaro is difficult to climb, but fully manageable if we summit together.

Fjordkraft's climate initiative is based on the United Nations’ definition of climate neutral businesses and applies the recognized standards of the World Resources Institute and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to calculate the suppliers’ direct and indirect emissions.

The new standard

We believe climate neutrality will become a competitive advantage: for ourselves, for our suppliers, and for everyone who has the courage to make the same demand. Our goal is to create a market in which climate neutrality is not just an ideal, but the new standard.

If we can convince other companies to make the same demands to their suppliers, it will create a major domino effect.

We believe Klimanjaro can be replicated by any company in any industry anywhere in the world and are happy to share the guidelines and declarations sent to our suppliers as part of the Klimanjaro initiative.


You can download the documentation we use towards our suppliers here:


Declaration of intent

Declaration of climate neutrality